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Install Backtrack on Micro SD Card

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Install Backtrack on Micro SD Card Empty Install Backtrack on Micro SD Card

Post by Ambush Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:58 am


I'm making an attempt to install Backtrack 5r3 onto a micro sd card. The card I have is a Sandisk 64gb class 10 card. It comes with the adapter to make it into a standard SD card. It also comes with a SD reader which has a usb dongle on the other side making it appear like a thumb drive. It's very versatile and this is why I like it.

I will try to install the following on top of installing the OS:

-Graphics Drivers
-Wireless Drivers
-Compiz Fusion
-Dictionary File (32gb)

It's not a snapshot in VMWare, but I would like to keep things generic as far as the default installed drivers so anyone can use it. If this is not worth it or feasible, then I would make it work with my laptop by default. I could still include drivers for other common network cards and maybe even a guide on the desktop on how install wireless drivers and graphic drivers. I may need it in the future if i ever have to reinstall again.

The other thing is a dictionary file. Having the most commonly use programs, even if they aren't that great, linked to this file so I don't have to do it later. It's already setup to use. If you have to specify the directory each time regardless, then I would just add an additional document that you can copy and paste the commands from. Maybe combine it with the above propose document and make it into a User Manual. That would be cool, right? If a new Backtrack release comes out, then you can transfer over the documents and relevant drivers, just reinstall the OS.

Of course Compiz Fusion is just eye candy. It's so awesome though! The graphics driver is essential if installing this, though. Other things would be making sure everything is upgraded and updated before releasing the distro. Add some other essential tools.
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