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Post by pvtnum11 on Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:09 pm

I noticed on eBay that some sellers are posting up Lots of stuff, as in, a Lot. (as opposed to a lot.)

Typically, it'll be "Lot of 3 Dell Lattitude D620 laptops, blah blah blah" or words to that effect - they're selling lease return units, doing some reformatting on the Hard Drives, cleaning them up from user grime, and sticking them altogether into a box for resale.

So since Artemis and other Indie fun games don't take much actual computer power to run, I got to thinking:

What if we ganged up and bought a small Lot of older hardware for tinkering and stuff? The benefit is that a group buy allows us to pool money for a bid, we all get the same exact hardware (making cannibalization feasible) and we could loan them out at LAN parties or something for low-end fun games, like Minecraft or Artemis or even IT Security training junk.

Here's an example listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wholesale-lot-of-10-HP-6910p-Laptop-Dual-Core-2-Duo-%20T7300-2-0ghz-DVD-CDRW-XP-ATi-/280794045872?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item4160a11%20db0

Ten might be a bit much. Maybe only need five, and could be different rigs. Didn't look for desktops, but I bet there's Lots of desktops for sale too - lease returns from schools and small businesses that upgraded, that sort of thing.

This is refurbished stuff, there is some stuff listed that is either as-is, or in various stages of falling apart. One monster entry was 165 laptops for only 1200 bucks. That comes out to only $7.27 a unit, but the drawback is out of those 165, most are only good for parts and stuff. That and WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU GOING TO PUT THEM? Shipping would be a total pain in the neck, too, lol. Could probably cover your walls with all of those laptops and have laptops left over.
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