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Post by pvtnum11 on Sat Feb 06, 2010 1:39 am

Temperature detection: You guys running software to monitor CPU temps? I know that the system monitors thermistor readings, so it knows when to kick in the fans.

I stumbled upon this little program called SpeedFan. On my laptop, it doesn't seem to know my processor temps, maybe it can't read the thermistor. On my desktop, it seems to hover around 60 degrees, but with the program, I can kick the fans to full speed manually. Still, I might just have to move it from underneath my desk to somewhere where more air can get to it. It's in the little cubbyhole that they provide to stick desktop towers, but I'm not sure where i would move it to. Somewhere where the ambient temp ISN'T 37 degrees.

Desk: I need more of it.

You guys running software to do any of that sort of thing? Heat kills hardware!

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