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Can I Play Daddy? Empty Can I Play Daddy?

Post by Ambush on Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:17 pm

Well folks when am I gonna shut my big mouth and go play Airsoft? Probably never. Ok ok I will. I'm thinking once I move out and get settled (won't take too long) I'll get the things I need. Whether or not I can find my old uniforms will determine what else I need to get. I will need the following.

-A Uniform
-Vest (to hold mags)

I say a uniform because it's just the best and it's cheap if you know where to look. Ya I could go in Civies, but a Uniform is complete coverage, but not necessarly thick. Anyway, I have on hand the following.

-1 Primary
-1 Backup
-5 Mid Cap Mags and 1 Hi Cap Mag
-2 Batteries
-Plenty BB's
-My Gun Works Now

Anyway, there should be nothing stopping me except finding a good OFF day. We'll see. It will come eventually. I still love to just have my AK-47 anyway. It's tight. I might just hang it on my wall some how for a display. Then, if someone deceides to break in I'll shove it in their face LOL.
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