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Post by Ambush on Fri Dec 25, 2009 4:36 pm

Well, I figured I'd make a post about equipment. What's cool about being former military is you have all the basic gear you need. Anyway, I think for a decent game you need at least the following:

-Full Mask (required on all Hawaii fields)
-BDU (top and bottom camo pants)
-Something to hold your magazines in (cargo pockets)
-1 Airsoft Primary Weapon

That's not too costly and you might already have most of those items. I just ordered a few things that I know I'll need if I'm going to play and I didn't even spend that much on it. My ideal setup would be the following:

-Full Mask
-BDU top and bottom
-Elbow Pads
-Vest with Pouches for Mags and a Holster on it
-1 Airsoft Primary Weapon w/HiCap Mags
-1 Airsoft Backup Weapon

Basically, it's the same thing, but with 2 more added to clothing and some other stuff on there. Anyway, Airsoft on a budget is definitely easy. Let me know if you want to get into it, but want to know what it will cost you. As long as you can get on the field your good you just need a gun, heh. You could always rock jeans and a thick shirt or hoodie.

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Post by pvtnum11 on Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:12 pm

Goggles good enough? I can't see the mass of the pellet doing as much pain and stuff to a person like a paintball can. I got a groovy hat I an cover my ears with, too.

I was thinking OD green uniform. Maybe if I can find an old Soviet-issue garrison uniform that doesn't cost over a hundred bucks. What would be AWESOME, would be one of their woolen greatcoats with the shoulder boards and stuff.

Oh, and the FLU hands down, absolutely and totally sucked, in case anyone was wondering where the heck I've been. Sinuses still recovering from it, feels like I've been punched in the face.

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