Airsoft Places, Times and Schedules

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Airsoft Places, Times and Schedules

Post by Ambush on Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:30 pm

Hawaii Airsoft Venues

This has every where you could play on the island. Also, I posted some general info about places I think would be good to play at.

Hawaii Airsoft Events

Current special events are listed here. These are usually big scheduled games and some are invite only. See below for people who host these events. Currently, there is only 2 listed.

Epowersports Events (Nimitz Field, Honolulu)

They seem to only host invite only special events. None are scheduled for the rest of this year as of now.

Impact Games (Nimitz Field, Honolulu)

They play night games on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Saturday of the month from 4pm to 9pm.

Hawaii All-Star Paintball / Airsoft (Nimitz Field, Honolulu)

It seems to change month to month as far as the scheduling goes. It looks like they play Friday, Saturday and Sundays. The cost seems to be $20 an hour. It's kind of steep, but I still need to get more info. This doesn't appear to be the place I was told about at Nimitz Field just off the Dillingham exit. However, it looks like the same location, so.

Power Edge Hawaii Events (Indoor, Honolulu)

We would be looking more towards the Weekdays / Weekends at $15 and $20. This is the cheapest and most sensible. I just listed the other stuff for your information. Oh and active military $10 off! You could probably just use your IRR ID.

Public game rates:

* Weekdays $15 Weekends and Federal Holidays $20
* AEG (MP5A4 or G3 SAS) $25
* Gas Pistol (Glock 19 w/ High Capacity Magazine) $15
* Modified AEG (M4A1) $40.00
* Systema Training Weapon $75.00
* Mask / Goggles $5

All public game rentals DO NOT include bbs and gas

Private games available for birthdays or other special occasions.

Rates for Private Games are:

* Weekdays (8-12 players) $325 Additional players $25 each
* Weekends (8-12 Players) $375 Additional Players $30 each

All Private games include:

* All mask / goggle and gun rentals
* Referee
* Four hours PRIVATE use of the field and staging area
* (Does not include BB's and gas)

Special rental guns are available for Tactical force on Force day.

* KSC/KWA G19 w/ 2 magazines $15.00
* MP5A4 w/ 2 standard magazines $25.00
* M4A1 w/ 2 standard magazines $40.00
* Systema Training Weapon W/ 2 magazines $75.00

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Re: Airsoft Places, Times and Schedules

Post by Romanovski on Thu Dec 17, 2009 2:04 pm

Sounds like fun and a lot better then video games. I will probably get a gun in a month or 2.


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Re: Airsoft Places, Times and Schedules

Post by pvtnum11 on Thu Dec 17, 2009 11:14 pm

I had kicked the idea around of shooting my fellow brother's a few months back, but never really voiced it.

Who knows, I might totally rock at it, although going prone and breaking the fall with my buttstock probably isn't such a good idea with a plastic airsoft gun, yeah?

Hard to do worse then I've been able to manage on MW2... Some players have Impossible Aiming Skills to the Third Power - I'm behind cover and concealment, and all of a sudden, I can see their viewpoint on the killcam just totally twitch over and BANG, I'm leaving chunky salsa on the wall behind me. Others, you can see me creep into view, and they just happened ot be looking that way, shift aim and BANG, same result, so yeah, they were watching for movement. First example, not likely, it's like they were using the Force or something.

Oh, and I hate heartbeat monitors on the airport terminal. Just thought I'd toss that out there.

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Re: Airsoft Places, Times and Schedules

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