iOS 6.0.2 Issues

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iOS 6.0.2 Issues Empty iOS 6.0.2 Issues

Post by Ambush on Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:13 pm

Sup guys?

Anyone having issue with their Wifi? I thought it was just certain APPs or Servers I was connecting to that was the issue. I hear people are still having issues.

I reset my network settings in my phone, which did wipe out my saved networ keys, to see if that would fix the crappy Wifi connectivity. What fixed it for me was actually just modifying the channel my router was using. HUGE DIFFERENCE. 802.11ac is kind of interesting. The channels are much higher than just 1-12. It's like...kind of weird at the same time. It skips numbers out of the ones you can select. 140-ish is a channel. Anyway, just wanted to see what issues you guys been having.
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