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Post by Ambush on Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:54 am


I've wanted my currently computer to turn into a server for some time now. It has server like hot swapping capabilities and is a decent size. The computer as it stands now is more than capable.

I had the itch build a new pc with exisiting parts, cheaper components, and still more than capable of handling powerful tasks.

PC Issues

My motherboard is the culprit in a lack of ram support and bluescreens. Aside from the cpu, I've already swapped everything there is to swap. Just from normal incremental upgrades. As part of the migration, I order 24gb which didn't work so I returned it. I wanted a refund, but they said the RAM casing was bent and is non-refundable. Silly me. Ram is still good, though. So I bought another 1366 motherboard on the cheap to fix the issue and support newer tech. Let's just say the mobo was already cheap and they took off $110. Yeah. I had to hop on that oppertunity. It supports: USB 3.0 and Sata III which my other motherboard didn't. I also picked up some good compound thermal paste. It's up to date stuff. $10. Anyway, on top of that a 1TB, Sata III, 32mb cache, 7200rpm Hard Drive. I heard the cache doesn't matter much (not talking about sdd caching which this mobo doesn't support anyway).

Bottom Line

The 1TB will have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with VMWare. I could still use the computer as a standard PC with the option of running servers on it. I would like it to be a deticated server, though. I need to take the time with Roman to build the different servers. The SSD is going back in the Macbook, which is where I believe it belongs.

The Raid 5 array (2TB) would be for backing up the server / OS. If I build a mini PC in the future, that would also be able to be backed up. 2TB is impossible for me to fill.
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