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Thoughts about iPhone 4s Empty Thoughts about iPhone 4s

Post by Ambush on Fri Oct 07, 2011 1:52 pm

Dear Haters,


Ok, so after hearing of the specs of the iPhone 4s a lot of people are not impressed. I saw this coming, sort of. I admit I was dissapointed at first. Apple does have a pattern one can know, though. When the 3g released, then next phone was a 3G S. And it was way faster and better specs. Everything was on the inside, though. Same with iPhone 4. Good product, but now improved on the inside. The speeds of 4G LTE, what carriers are advertising, is what iPhone 4S is getting on 3g. I want to see some real test results when the phone releases, but it's the whole HSDPA thing. It may seem like it loads faster because of how the iOS is written. It's pretty snappy. The Evo and Galaxy family are the only two I really respect when it comes to Android. I salute you.

Apple's iPhone camera is really nice. It's fast and the quality is amazing. It doesn't feel sluggish at all. With the addition of an 8 - megapixel camera, you will now have bigger pictures. More megapixels doesn't mean the photos are going to be better as any photographer knows. Apple is more technology orientated. So they have stuff a lot of other peeps don't have. Video Stabilization may seem like a generic term. It's an addition to the camera to allow it to 'shake' less when filming. After all, with the ability to film 1080p videos this is a great feature. Not to mention Face Detection on still images. I always liked Apple's innovation. Video mirroring and video out support: Up to 1080p with Apple Digital AV Adapter or Apple VGA Adapter (adapters sold separately). So you can play a game on your computer screen or TV if you want.

It's a world phone. CDMA and GSM. Which is cool because now you can sell a phone to someone on another carrier, I believe. Also has Blueooth 4.0 which focuses in on battery saving. This really only applies to multimedia people in my opinion, but now you can buy a 64gb version. That is just awesome. Yeah I know, no sd card. You don't really need one though. If you do need to move data, then you can hook it up to a PC and use it as a hard drive. iPhone has always been able to do this. Can sync your phone wirelessly without a cable, do backups wirelessly and will also back them up to your time capsule if you own one. You don't need to flash roms, updates are over there air so you don't need iTunes. Wifi or not you can get your OS updated.

In my opinion, you cannot really compare Android and iOS. It's like they are in two seperate categories. I'm a geek and love customizing things, but if it's one thing I learned after owning an Android platform phone is that --- Apple's iOS is a very stable operating system by comparison. It is so stable in fact that you do not need a massive processor or specs inside to run it. You do not get force close error messages. In Apple's famous words: "It just works".

Isn't this like a PC vs MAC debate? I mean, on one hand Mac does the video and audio well and keeps things simple and fast. The other hand, you have PC where you can customize a lot of things, but are vunerable to issues such as crashes and poorly written apps that are not screened. I would say games, but iPhone has by far the best games selection. The iPhone had a head start though. I hope Android games and OS gets improved. Would love more competition. When I do go to App Store, I know most of the time I am getting a quality App. With Android's Market, it's like you never know what you're getting. The Apps that are out on Android do not look as pretty or do not operate as good as they do on the iPhone. I think that comes down to who the developers are going to code for. So as we see the Android OS improved, more devs will write Apps.

Siri is voice recognition used on the iPhone 4s. It's not just used to make calls, play music, etc. It knows more. You can talk to it like you would a person. You don't have to sound like a weirdo when you are voicing commands, although talking to your phone can still be a little embarassing. Apple also uses it for dictation. Google already used this so it's nothing new. There were Apps on the App Store that could do a decent job, but now it's built in. It works in all aspects of the phone and is better integrated. If I can say "wake me up at 6am tomorrow", and it sets an Alarm Clock for 6am the next morning, I'm sold...haha. I mean that's just sick. Or "remind me to ____ when I go home". And a little reminder pops up when you are in vicinity of your house with whatever you asked it to tell you. That tech is different, but works with Siri. Reminders allows you to make tasks as well. For instance, if I had to pickup dry cleaning and forgot about it, but happened to be driving near the place I dropped it off at an alter would pop up reminding me. That's just one example.

Technology would be it's selling point. Stuff you do not find in any other phone. Plus, Apple holds its own. Think about it. They release 1 phone a year and make tons of money and their stuff is usually solid. Anyone can release an Android phone. There are tons of them. The EVO and Galaxy are the only two I would say are special. I'm sure iOS 5.x / iOS 6 and iPhone 5 will blow us away. I'm sure it will have a bigger screen, better processor, etc. But the hardware is only as good as the operating system it was designed to be on.
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