Intel Core i7 920 Review

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Intel Core i7 920 Review Empty Intel Core i7 920 Review

Post by Ambush on Fri Dec 11, 2009 8:49 pm

This is the first processor I got that seems to be good all around. It's solid, performs well and is cheap. Intel initially released 3 processors. The 920 was designed to be for those on a budget while the 940 was a step up for those who wanted more power and then the 965 for the Hardcore Overclocker.

With the 920, you can achieve easily the speeds of both superior processor and exceed them. The only catch is the way you do it, which is actually kind of easier. You adjust whats called the BLCK Frequency. 200 = 4.0ghz. If you input an adjustment on the ASUS Rampage Extreme II it gives you the equivilant in Ghz. It's guess work at first, but then you remember some. Mine currently is at 185 which is equal to 3.8Ghz. It's very stable I might add. I rarely check the temps anymore on my LCD display above my monitor. It just stays cool enough wit the CPU Cooler I got at that speed.

The Core i5 is now out and on the down low. It's base model excels past the 920, but is exactly the same price ($200). It's a bit different design internally, though. In other tests within the same Benchmarking the 920 won. I already have my processor and don't plan on getting an i5. Originally, I had thought the i5 was a lower model, but it's not.

+Overclocking Abilities
+Quad Core w/Hyper Threading

-Traditional Way of Overclocking Locked (hence BLCK Freq)

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Intel Core i7 920 Review Empty Re: Intel Core i7 920 Review

Post by pvtnum11 on Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:50 pm


My wife's rig has the i7-960 in it, using that Rampage II Extreme Mobo - works really well with the stock cooler (not interesting in overclocking). We got it for not a lot of money, since it's an older version of the i7 (Bloomfield 45nm arcitechure), but it is decently fast.

My G55 has the i7-3610qm Ivy Bridge version. Slower clock speed, and it's on a smaller chip (22nm architecture), so it has a lot less thermal consumption and thus, power drain over a desktop processor. Still blows my socks off on how fast it is compared to my old Core 2 Duo.
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