Drop Box for all OS'

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Drop Box for all OS'

Post by Ambush on Thu Jun 23, 2011 2:47 am

Link: Drop Box

Free 2GB Wireless Cloud Synching. I use it a lot for documents and things I often modify. For instance, college work. It syncs between PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. The mobile devices may be a little limited on the editing side, but you can certianly view almost every file.

You can buy an upgraded version that will allow for more space. Maybe if you use the free version and like it a lot, then you can upgrade. It's blocked at work, but I think the upgrade is about 10GB. If something similiar, like Apple is going to be doing, could be made where it has a lot of space that would be awesome. You could move everything into that folder C:\Users\Jimbo\DropBox\. Your music, movies, and documents would sync between all devices making it easier to have the most up to date data. No more "Oh, that's on my laptop".

Who does not use iTunes? Well, if you make a purchase on your PC and want it on your laptop you don't have to go through the trouble of copying it. I would like to point out the synching time is long for big files. Setting time aside for one big sync in the beginning would be your best bet. Then, only modifications are updated. If you accidently delete files, it will sync that change throughout drop box. Disabling wifi or wired, depending on what your using, would prevent the sync. Or, on the site I believe you can undelete your previous deleted items. Pretty cool.
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