Nvidia 3D TV Play

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Nvidia 3D TV Play

Post by Ambush on Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:57 pm

Official Nvidia 3DTV Play Website

What is it?
Basically, it is a way of using Nvidia's 3D Technology on your TV, rather than PC monitor. However, if you're like me and use a TV as a computer monitor due to the amount of realestate, then this may be for you.

How much is it?
The software costs $40. There is a 14-day trial, however. Payment for software is forever, but make sure you back it up some where and save the email with the registration key.

What is the difference between 3D TV Play and regular Nvision?
This allows you utilize all of your 3D components you may have already purchased. Previously, I had none because I don't watch movies. I just knew I wanted a big monitor for gaming, school work, and regular use. My particular TV, Samsung UN46C7000, was not qualified for regular Nvision because it is a TV. It does have 3D built into it, though. As far as I know, the whole kit is just for Nvidia approved 120 LCD panels. Check on Nvidia's website for compatability as well as package deals that contain the monitor and equipment.

A Note
Most 120hz PC Monitors qualify for Nvidia's 3D Vision. The way to look at it is this; If you're replacing your monitor, you might as well get a 3D compatible one. It doesn't mean you have to shell out cash for Nvidia's stuff at that time, but you will have the option later. They cost almost the same price, if I recall. They average size is around 24" which is not big at all. This is good if you don't have the room. Their kit will then need to be purchased. You get the receiver, the glasses, and other things with it.

Other Sources
3D PC Kits
3D Nvision Kit by Itself - Note it does come with a copy of Starcraft II. Interesting. On sale for $174.00.
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