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MMO rant and stuff

Post by pvtnum11 on Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:11 pm

I have more than half a mind to cancel our subs and be done with MMO's. I might luck out with EVE, I know four saved guys locally that play, and they all operate in teh same corproration. Really, it's a freaking game - IT'S JUST PIXELS! ...Not a daytime soap opera. I guess MMO's are different than a standalone single-player game - you have to deal with people, of all different flavors and calibers. Makes me wish players had truth-tags over their avatars that said stuff like: (Some are tongue in cheek, obviously, but I've seen or experienced most of these)

Total and complete jerk
Complete unbridled willful ignorance
Nacriccistic 17-year-old that thinks it's all about him
Nacriccistic 37-year-old that still thinks it's all about him, despite around two decades of obvious evidence to the contrary
Not a girl, but pretending to be one to fool all the perverts
Mental issues, seriously
Trend-humping fashion lemming
Spam account for messages
Spam account for loot you don't care about
Thinks that they are the only player on the entire server that knows how to play properly, the rest of you noobs are scrubs that need to learn to play
More credits than brains
Equipped with emotional baggage they won't let go of after 15 years
Run away really fast from this guy, 'nuff said
Works for the other faction
Doesn't play well with others
Angry white male
Angry white male who still lives with mommy
Angry white male that probably would be better off living with his mommy
Internet Tough Guy, weighs all of 90 pounds soaking wet
Screams a lot on Vent
Microphone is turned up too loud
Microphone SPAMMER
Blames his lack of playing ability on [insert hardware here] issues
Actually has bandwidth issues, still plays good
Steals your kill loot all the time
Totally incompetent at high-level instances
Prone to acidental TK'ing
Plays only to TK
Mostly clueless
Totally clueless
Can't get a clue while wearing clue musk and doing the clue mating dance in a field full of horny clues during clue mating season
Needs everything explained by way of butcher paper and crayons and really simple language
Crayons won't help with this one
Will accidently TPK the group in 30-seconds flat
TPK's the group ON PURPOSE
This player has no life

...and on occasion, you might find a tag that says:

Plays to play, lets have some good honest fun
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