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Mount&Blade Warband

Post by pvtnum11 on Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:00 pm

Okay, the eagerly anticipated update for Mount&Blade, a first/third-person... not shooter. Slasher? Combat on horseback. Castle seige. Some Role-play elemetns, in that as you level up, you get to toss the points into certain skills, like better athletics, better horse riding skill, tactics, first-aid and inventory management. AI is simple, but you have the ability to tell your troops (if you have any) to follow, stand ground, charge, hold fire, advance, retreat and stuff like that. They level too. Swadian Knights totally kick butt, if you don't mind paying them huge amounts of gold to keep them happy. Swadian recruits are little more than farmers that pick up their pitchforks and butcher knives to join you. Getting them to Knight-rank is a five step process, they go from Recruit to Militia to Footman to Man-At-Arms (now has a horse) to Knight. Each step is better than the last, but more costly.

Well, this expansion cleans up some graphics a bit (built for speed and framerate, not dazzling graphics), updates some code (Totally screws over the mouse interface for determining where your sword goes!!!!1!11one1!1) and give the AI a much-needed boost. It also costs money to promote troops, the original it was free to promote troops - it only affected your weekly troop salary. Single-player dialoge with NPC's is much improved, stuff actually makes sense now.

Oh, and multiplayer. You can skirmish now with friends. The single-player mode is still wide-open sandbox in a rather large midieval realm. No magic, no potions, no wierd critters. Your horse can be slain. Then you're just a foot-mobile grunt, which can suck if the opponent still has units mounted on horse. This update also introduces the ability to rout or be routed in combat. Low morale troops will attempt to flee the battlefield. High morale troops fight better and more aggresively.

My biggest gripe is that the interface is "tweaked" to aim your sword based off of yoru mouse movements. Makes sense on paper. Your mouse determines where you're looking. Look elsewhere, your sword will swing elsewhere. The original game, it was different, only four attack directions, determined by a small twitch of the mouse. This time, where yoru sword swings is based off of where you look, so I'm missing stuff AL THE TIME now. I purchased a one/two-handed bastard sword and that sort of helped, as it has longer reach than the rusty arming sword (the generic longsword, whcih wasn't very long) did that I started with. On horseback, a longer reach helps.

Weapons do three types of damage. Blunt, piercing and slashing. Most armor protects against percing and slashing only. Blunt won't kill, though, so if you want prisoners, a war hammer is your ticket. Or a mace. They have bows and crossbows. You can run out of arrows or bolts, though. Some crossbows and larger bows can't be used on horseback. Also, no shield. And you're really vunerable to melee attacks, especially when say, relaoding your crossbow. At least they give your the ability now to press the E key and kick dudes off of you. That helps, kinda. Still weaksauce compared to a real weapon, but that's expected. Not much blood - well, there is, but the battles can be so hectic, you might not notice it.

I'll show it off tonight.

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