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Pumping Iron

Post by Ambush on Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:23 pm

Well, bench pressing is hard unless you've got a Smith Machine. Even then, it's just not the same as free weights. I think once I start Insanity I will come up with a workout schedule to lift. I'm thinking a Total Body Workout Twice a Week. Three day rest between workouts. It would be long if you follow a P90X video, but if you have certian set exercises, it should be cool. I'm thinking to either alternate the workout every 2 weeks or every other workout. For instance, Monday's workout will be different than Friday's workout as far as the type of exercises, not muscle groups. I used to do Total Body Workouts Mon, Wed, and Fri and had no issues so. 2 times a week with 3 day breaks, almost feels like you're being kind of lazy. Anyway, I'll be trying to go to Kunia Gym. It will have to before I go to work though. On this schedule I leave around 9:30 which means I gotta get cleaned up / showered at 9:00pm. This means I'll have to start at like 7pm or so if I want to get a decent workout. I'm trying to REDUCE the number of days dedicated to working out so I have more time for other things, but still get more muscle mass. It's possible and I'm sure God would appreciate the lack of Idolatry. :)

Anyway, I will do Insanity simutaneously with Insanity being the priority so I might have to skip out on lifting and do it as a recreational thing. Once Insanity is over, I'll hit the gym and only that. It will be consistant and cosume the LEAST amount of time. That's my goal.

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